The Graves Model Explained by Example - Level 6 The Social network

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The Graves Model Explained by Example - Level 6 The Social network

On which Graves level are people, societies or companies? What are their predominant values and what distinguishes them? Bettina answers these and other questions in the eight-part series that expands on the article "The Graves Model". After all, the better we know the systems that exist within us and those that affect us, the easier it will be to live together in our world.

On the sixth level - which is called the "Social Network" or, in colors, the "Green Level" - feelings and caring take the place of cold rationality and calculation. They respond to capitalist alienation with values that lie in commonality. Everything is widely discussed. Disruptions take precedence. Everyone sits in a circle. Only when everyone agrees and no one has any more misgivings can action be taken and the jointly agreed consensus implemented together.

Green demands equality for women, for the oppressed, for plants, for nature, and for marginalized groups. Green's ideal is that all resources be shared among all. The "WE" no longer applies only to a particular group (blue), but to all. Green demands the right to happiness for all sentient beings.

In green, the systematic exploration of the inner life begins: How can the inner world also be shown on the outside? Feelings must be allowed, showing them is important. Green is for pluralism and relativism, instead of absolute truth (the natural scientific dogma from orange/blue).

Core concepts / values: consensus, appreciation, sustainability, empathy, equality, emancipation, togetherness, sensitivity, duty of self-reflection, naivety, guru-searching

Character: participative, relativistic, situational, approachable, humane, complacent, humanistic, conceited, world-improving, lecturing, reactive

Occurrence: Schools, humanistic psychology, NGO, climate youth.

Dominant themes: How do we ensure our ecology? How do we contribute something valuable to society? How do we build connection with a person/group? Does everyone feel comfortable?

All Graves levels at a glance

Green in Business

Green, or green-minded, organizations can be recognized by their flat hierarchies. Decisions are made at the "round table," in agreement with all stakeholders. Collegial leadership, collaboration and consensus are the prevailing aspirations. However, this forgets that, for example, when a mountain guide makes a decision for a group of travelers, a consensus decision can be life-threatening.

Employees are no longer lured with insentives but with shared values and meaningful work. Intrinsic motivation not only comes to the fore, it is expected.

Instruments: 360° feedback, quotas, diversity, salary bands, "forcing" the work-life balance, BGM, team building, personnel development, value orientation, open space, self-organization, teamwork, organic products.

Green in transition to yellow

It is the insistence on ideology, the dogmatic aspect of green, and the fact that green projects cannot be financed in the long run within a culture characterized by consensus, which makes people want to broaden their perspective again. They are evolving back toward an "I" level, albeit of a rather different kind.

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