About Us


The ALLY's include people from all over the world who dedicate their lives and work to people and the art of fluid development. They are all experts in their fields and we are proud to count them among our inner circle.


Behind ALLY VISION AG are the two founders Nicole and Bettina and a team of internal and external allies. Together they share the belief in people and a better world.


ALLY.VISION is more than a magazine or an online platform, it is a lifestyle.


We cordially invite all people who want to, to be part of a movement. A movement in which each individual sets out with much joy, courage and strength to realize their full potential and shine in all their greatness.


We are guided by four pillars:


We stand with both feet firmly on the ground. We love depth, celebrate joy and live and accept all our facets.


We deeply believe in not giving up, but overcoming obstacles with courage and strength and finding our own way.


We are FOR the people. FOR all life on this beautiful planet.


We commit ourselves to share our path to more freedom and inner peace with you. May ALLY touch you, inspire you and open new worlds for you. This is what we wish from the bottom of our hearts.

"Be unapologetically you. authenticity is priceless."

Guru Jagat

“When pain, misery, or anger happen, it is time to look within you, not around you.”


My Ally Vision

Videos on demand

Activate the peace and power within you through the mixture of movement and meditation. Come to more understanding and serenity in your everyday life through the concentrated knowledge of our specialists. Grow through and in the group and beyond yourself.


Try us 7 days for free and decide afterwards.


We look forward to welcoming you to the myALLY community!

Move and Meditate
  • + Yoga
  • + Meditations
  • + Pilates
  • + Sound healing
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Workshops to shine
Workshops to shine
  • + Workshops
  • + Business
  • + Well Being
  • + Trainings
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Live in Community
Live in Community
  • + Community Calls
  • + Live Workshops
  • + Live Q&A's
  • + Trainings
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A concentrated load of knowledge from our experts and many useful tips and tricks, conveniently delivered to your mailbox every month.

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