Mindfulness for more awareness</span><span> 

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Mindfulness for more awareness 

Mindfulness is much more than a fashionable movement. It is a way to feel, hear and see more, to enjoy the moment, to live more consciously and intensively. In this article, you will learn how to do this and how it can be implemented in everyday life. 

Pirmin Loetscher, July 21, 2021

Mindfulness helps you to become more aware of yourself and to notice when you are overextending yourself and thus losing yourself. Through mindfulness in everyday life you stay consciously connected with yourself and do your actions in a deep awareness; then you can also notice when things are actually going too fast for you. And if we just fly through the day, it can happen that in the evening we don't know exactly what we have done, eaten and experienced. We are then just glad that the day is over and the relaxing part of the day can begin 

What's the point? Is it really the point of our lives that we rush back and forth all day, eagerly looking forward to the free evenings and weekends to recover from our daily routine? Okay, some degree of effort is certainly required in much of what we do. But surely we should take pleasure in what we do at every moment, and not have to recover because we are tired of always chasing ourselves. In that case, I recommend you the free mindfulness program, available practically and without prescription at any moment. But beware, side effects are guaranteed, these would include: Increased enjoyment, increased awareness of life, more moments of happiness and lastly, joy in what you do (often called work).

This starts already in the early morning. Start offline, don't go directly to your smartphone and check your e- mails and messages. Instead of thinking about the upcoming work in the office while showering and already raising your pulse, you can consciously enjoy the shower. Pay attention to the water, how it feels on your skin, and how good it feels inside you as you cleanse yourself externally. You can do the work in the office when you are in the office, but for now, eat breakfast consciously. Just consciously take in every bite and every sip and you'll notice how calm your breathing remains.

It's the same way when you get on the train or in the car and drive to work. Instead of already reading the morning newspaper news on your smartphone, observe your surroundings. You'll notice how calm and aware you are when you arrive at work. Now you can get down to business, devote yourself to your work in a mindful way, i.e. do one thing at a time consciously, and you will see how much more enjoyable your work becomes. It should not be the case that you see work only as a means to an end, but that the nine hours a day should still be a bit of fun for you. Allow yourself to take deliberate breaks in between, where you don't read the news on your smartphone, but instead just sit quietly for a few minutes and breathe deeply, drink a cup of tea and enjoy it with every sip. Fill your body with fresh air and healthy herbs again, and cleanse your thought pool by inhaling and exhaling, letting them go, just letting them go with the breath.

Continue in this way throughout the day and always treat yourself in between, fully and completely! Take short journeys into yourself again and again and discover more awareness in every moment thanks to mindfulness. 

Have fun!

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