Physical or psychological problems? When should you seek professional help?</span><span> 

Diseases & Traumas

Physical or psychological problems? When should you seek professional help? 

People who book a session with me for the first time always tell me they have doubts whether this is the right time. Whether it really does not go away without help and what the others think. When is it really necessary to do something?

I can answer the question about the right time directly. It's time when you don't like to suffer any longer and everyone reaches this threshold at a different time.

Personally, I do not understand it when someone suffers longer, although he could accept help. But this is just my personal opinion and has to do with the beliefs of the person. Whenever you reach this threshold, it is right to book an appointment.

Two types of suffering - two reasons to move

Basically, though, based on my own history and expertise as a trauma therapist, I can say the following. In my opinion, there are two types of reasons why people move.

The first group starts therapy because of physical ailments. This group of people has either pain, skin problems, dysfunction of organs like poor digestion, sleep problems, breathing problems, etc. - in short, any physical ailment and would like to get an improvement.

The second group of people has mental or psychological issues. These express themselves in terms of relationship problems, drive problems, stress symptoms, grief, depression, sense seeking, etc. - in short, psychological issues and problems in the broadest sense.

When it comes to the question of what is the most suitable form of therapy, you can basically start wherever you want. In case of doubt, however, one thing is true - do something for your body.

Our body is the home for our mind and our vehicle for this life. Your vehicle also gets a service and new oil at regular intervals and needs energy like gasoline or electricity to drive it. If you have some different problems in your life and you don't know yet if such a coaching or a psychologist can help you at all, then it is worthwhile to look better to your body.

With the multitude of alternative forms of therapy, I would recommend choosing one in which you first receive a differentiated diagnosis. Whether this is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), osteopathy, an ancient naturopathic practice or a medical massage, you are free to choose. Of course, depending on the severity of your ailments, I recommend seeing a doctor first.

For the brave among the readers, I would recommend to do a self-analysis and ask myself, do I basically have a strong and stable body, which although I do not take so good care of it, is relatively healthy? If your answer is yes, then you probably have your building blocks more in the mental area and I would recommend integrative therapy such as coaching, hypnosis, EMDR or similar. These forms of therapy get to the bottom of subconscious beliefs and patterns and free you from these blocking boundaries so that you can move more freely and purposefully in life.

If your answer is no, then you are one of those people who learn about the body and I would recommend holistic body therapy.

No matter where you start, it's a step in the right direction

I want to make a very clear statement here. Your problems will not just go away. They will not disappear into thin air and time will not heal these wounds.

If you do nothing, the only thing that will happen is that these wounds will start to fester and infect more and more parts, be they physical or mental. It will only get better if you look and process what wants to be seen. So book the appointment. No matter which one, but start somewhere.

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