Coming home to your heart - Finding our way back to us

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Coming home to your heart - Finding our way back to us

Do you want to connect with your heart and find your way (back)? This meditation supports you to recognize the essence of your true being and serves as a guide to your home in your heart. Matt highly recommends integrating this meditation into your daily practice.

- Relaxes, grounds and connects you to your true essence which you can feel in your heart, meet Archangel Michael as a supportive helper

- Daily practice, ideal for beginners


Meditation refers to a group of mental exercises that have been handed down in various traditions for thousands of years and since the 20th century are increasingly practiced in the Western world. An essential element of meditative techniques is the conscious control of attention. The practice of meditation is intended to bring about lasting positive changes in thinking, feeling and experiencing. The effects of meditation training on cognitive abilities, the immune system and mental health have been scientifically proven.

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