When thoughts are paralyzing - anxiety disorders and their effects

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When thoughts are paralyzing - anxiety disorders and their effects

Does your life sometimes feel like chewing gum on warm asphalt? Like everything is wrapped in absorbent cotton and you just can't get going? Do anxieties dominate your quiet moments and you flee into distraction and numbing? Then this article is just for you.


In order to understand anxiety disorders somewhat, it is important to know what the experts are talking about. However, what can be said without much background knowledge is that there are more and more people who do not withstand today's social pressure and suffer from it. This suffering often begins in early childhood and this then leads to adults who suffer from a lack of self-worth or even an anxiety disorder.

Today, even in early childhood, demands are made that are difficult for many to fulfill (e.g. being quiet for a long time as a toddler, being indoors all the time, etc.). The school years in a performance-oriented society contribute their dues. Lucky are those who find some loving friends who make the journey of life a little easier and make the existing pressures bearable. If the expectations of family, friends and society cannot be fulfilled permanently, the children develop mechanisms which help them to deal with this situation. These are so-called coping mechanisms.

5 of 100 people are suffering a general axienty disorder in their life
German Society for Psychiatry and Psychotherpay

The form of paralyzing fears and thought carousels are many:

  • Fear of making a wrong decision
  • Fear of consequences
  • Self-doubt
  • Fear of responsibility
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of the future
  • Fear of growing up
  • Fear of total breakdown and exclusion
  • Fear of death
  • Fear of pressure
  • Fear of not living up to expectations
  • Fear of relationships and commitment


What happens when an anxiety disorder goes untreated?

The majority of people have adopted very functional strategies. In order to be able to recover from these unpleasant feelings from time to time, they have developed distractions. This strategy can be implemented with television and Netflix, with alcohol, cigarettes or with drugs, whether legal or illegal. Some very smart ones have figured out that there are also more constructive numbing options and then live them out through excessive sports or work.

The deep fears, as well as the not so bad ones like not being able to produce anything valuable or meaningful, not being enough, failing or breaking the rules of society, paralyze all the joy and freedom and natural flow of energy in life.

However, those among the anxiety disordered who find themselves in a downward spiral, which can be triggered by various strokes of fate (death of a relative, loss of a job, divorce, etc.), can no longer ride their proven strategies and should urgently seek help. When the place of inner feeling is very dark, escape seems almost hopeless and hopeless, even dying may sound like absolute liberation and relief.

What do the experts say? And how does it go away?

In psychological expert circles, it is assumed that 5 out of 100 people suffer from a generalized anxiety disorder for 6 months or longer in their lives, which exhibit physical symptoms (palpitations, sweating, tingling in the stomach, dizziness, difficulty falling asleep) as well as psychological symptoms (difficulty concentrating, irritability, moodiness). These generalized anxiety disorders often appear for the first time between the ages of 35 and 45 and make it impossible for those affected to participate in social life.

The development of this disorder can have very different causes. Influences that one has inherited (genetic influences) can play a role in the development of anxiety. In certain areas of the brain more activity is detected than in other people. Presumably, in people with anxiety disorders, neurotransmitters that provide relaxation are less present in the brain or may act less effectively.

Some people who develop an anxiety disorder did not have a secure attachment to their parents or other close caregivers as children. They sometimes experienced the behavior of their close caregivers as unpredictable.

Many people assume that by worrying they can protect themselves from disappointment or avert a disaster. Behind these positive assumptions about worry is the idea that if you are already afraid that something might happen, you won't be disappointed if it does happen.These anxiety disorders are treated by psychologists with talk therapies or medication.

In the integrative therapeutic field (EMDR, Wingwave, Coaching, Hypnosis) it is assumed that fears can be processed on a physical level by addressing them through the 5 senses and processing them through bilateral stimulation. After that, beliefs and behavioral constructs can still be changed.

From a spiritual point of view, anxiety disorders are energetic constructs, which can originate from different areas. They originate either from the soul karma, the ancestor karma or the present life and serve the affected to recognize themselves and to dissolve this resonance in order to have more freedom and energy afterwards.

Free yourself!

If your thoughts are paralyzing you, taking away your zest for life and your drive, because you have to numb yourself so that you don't have this unpleasant feeling all the time, then let an expert help you. Choose someone in a field that appeals to you and that you feel comfortable with. Whether this is a classic psychological form of therapy or one with more wohhooo is ultimately not important. What is important is that you have more freedom and energy to enjoy your life to the fullest.

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