The summer solstice

Sun, moon and stars

The summer solstice

In Sweden they call it Midsummer Festival, it is also called Litha, the Celts called it Alban Hevin or in yoga they call it Summer Solstice. Here are some reasons why it is worth thinking about the next 12 months.

The longest day of the year and therefore also summer solstice is on 21.06. of each year. On this day there is the most sun in the northern hemisphere. From the astrological point of view, every person's zodiac sign is based on the sun, because it describes the I, the identity, and it is this identity and the goals, determinations and purpose of life that should be most illuminated on this solar day.

The ancient customs

In many ancient customs, entire temple sites were aligned to this day. Be this the Sphinx in Egypt or Stonehenge in Great Britain as well as many other places in this world.

There is Baldur the Sun God, who was beheaded on 6/21 in the prime of his life so his death represents the turning of the sun on this day. His followers bless the fields for good harvests on this day. This also becomes the blessing day of the fruits of Mother Nature in many rural traditions. Especially in the Nordic countries of Europe, women decorate their hair with wildflower wreaths to this day, big fires are lit and people dance around the fires celebrating life and sunlight.

7 Days before summer solstice

The week leading up to the summer solstice can be ideally used to discard old behaviors, eliminate karma, or bring closure to the past.

In Kundalini Yoga, the spiritual leader Yogi Bhajan once said: “We want to lay the foundations of the new future. That is the purpose of us being here this day: to prove to ourselves that we have the spirit to survive through every obstacle.”

The tips

So I heartily recommend, take some time this day and pick one or more of these things to do for yourself and your future:

- Meditate or do yoga. We have many yoga classes and meditation videos on My Ally. Why not sign up for your 7 day free trial now and do some of these exercises every day to clear and prepare your body.

- Create Clarity. Take time this week before the Summer Solstice to create clarity around your blocks and beliefs about yourself and your future. We have articles here on Ally Vision about goal setting and reasons for blockages, take a sniff.

- Get out in the sun. Take some time this week until 6/21 and spend some extra time in the sun. Soak up the sun's rays and be aware of its healing energy.

- Party! On the day of the summer solstice, celebrate life and the beauty of the moment. Either with your loved ones, or alone. Build a fire, gather flowers and herbs, dance around the fire and celebrate life.

- Set goals for the next 12 months and write them down, draw them out, dance them from me, but give some thought to where you want to go.

In ancient northern traditions, this is a celebration of survival. Let's celebrate this important day like the kings and use it to ignite the fire of life within us to go through the world with reflection and purpose.

“We want to lay the foundations of the new future. That is the purpose of us being here this day: to prove to ourselves that we have the spirit to survive through every obstacle.” 
Yogi Bhajan

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