Energetic Portals - How to Hack the Matrix

Sun, moon and stars

Energetic Portals - How to Hack the Matrix

In this article I explain to you what happens energetically during important celestial events such as solar and lunar eclipses, solstices and winter solstices, respectively, how you can use these portals to realize your goals and wishes.

To understand how you can use different energetic or spiritual portals, I prefer to use the explanation from the Kundalini Yoga tradition. In the yoga traditions it is described that the normal energy on our planet moves in horizontal and vertical direction. It forms the much described matrix. In this matrix flows all our lives and we all move in this matrix.

There are several times per year or per month days when diagonal energy flows more, which are available for our bodies and our goals. These days are respectively new moon and full moon as well as the 11th day of each moon. Then there are the summer solstice and winter solstice, as well as the two Equinox days in spring and fall, when there is equality of day and night.

All of these events, where according to yoga tradition the energy flows diagonally, are opportunities to bring this special frequency, which is not present in our normal matrix, into our bodies with increased yoga. Yogis then use the body as a vessel to use these special energies in their lives to bring other frequencies into the matrix.

In other traditions, like with the witches and magicians, with the Celts or in ancient Egypt, with the Mayans and the shamans from the South American region or many other natural religions, these days are used for rituals, whereby then the ritual objects rather than the human body is used as a vessel to store this diagonal energy.

And of course we should speak in this connection also about the high holidays of the different world religions. On these days there is either a special portal to the sacred forehands, but there can also be an opening to the deceased or higher energies of love, light, forgiveness, healing, etc..  

With special ritual masses or religious practices, these great days have also been used for thousands of years to change the normal energies on the planet.

Here, likewise in Kundalini Yoga, we need to do more yoga and meditate more to bring these energies into the body to help us achieve our desired goals and circumstances to create a life worth living.


Holidays a field of tension

These special holiday energies may also explain to some of you the tensions you experience with your loved ones. Through the increased energies, our triggers and old wounds are also illuminated with more light. Furthermore, it is the case that our family has the wonderful role of relentlessly showing us our weaknesses and issues.

Whereas the opposite can also be the case and you experience absolute peace and love and unity. If this is the case, then it means that you are tolerating these higher energies well and there is no resistance to these energies.


So how do we use these days and when do I need to do this?

Depending on the philosophy or religion you follow, these high days offer you either the opportunity to spend time with your family or your faith community or to use them entirely for yourself. These are then probably the holidays in the religious sense and you can use this time wonderfully. If you go into your encounters on these days with a positive intention, then your celebrations will not only be more beautiful and joyful, they will also let you feel more love and carry this into your everyday life afterwards.

If you prefer to spend the holidays, respectively the full moons and new moons, in a spiritual practice or community, then I recommend you especially to connect this with a conscious intention to a goal.

For example, you can use the next full moon or new moon to write down a goal and let it grow in the next two weeks. You can use the next summer solstice to set a goal until the next autumn solstice and then work on it continuously. In normal rituals it is best to use a crystal or a ritual object that normally does not leave your house and then place this counter-sand on your altar (if you do not have an altar, find a free space in your house and place this object with a nice cloth, a candle and flowers on it, that is enough).

In Kundalini Yoga we take advantage of these days and do extra yoga. We do this to use our body as a storage object, to use and store the high diagonal energies to use over the next weeks, months for our goal.

If you have any questions about this topic, feel free to email me. I am happy to help you live a more conscious spiritual life, because for me there is nothing more exciting than the possibility to actually create my own life.

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