Weekly Book Review No. 25

Book Review

Weekly Book Review No. 25

Fasting and spring go together like parties and alcohol. In this book there is all the knowledge you need for a successful fasting week. 

Fasting was a dream for me for many years. I have tried again and again with different techniques to fast a week and then usually already given up on day 1. I was too hungry and especially my body, which at that time still made a lot of pain, simply could not handle the emptiness.

This has then changed with the elimination of the pain. And, especially with the knowledge of the techniques around fasting.

In this book you will find the 5 basic rules for a successful fasting week:

1. eat absolutely nothing during the fasting days, only drink.

2. leave out what is not essential for life

3. detach yourself from everyday life

4. behave naturally

5. promote all excretions

They explain all the steps from proper preparation, the actual fasting week, how to make fasting easy and how you can simply get through the fasting period full of well-being.

The experience of a fasting week is really very exciting. By emptying the body and the associated effects, this week of not eating results in an almost spiritual journey that brings you closer to yourself.

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