The Graves Model Explained by Example - Level 5 The Power structure

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The Graves Model Explained by Example - Level 5 The Power structure

On which Graves level are people, societies or companies? What are their predominant values and what distinguishes them? Bettina answers these and other questions in the eight-part series that expands on the article "The Graves Model". After all, the better we know the systems that exist within us and those that affect us, the easier it will be to live together in our world.

On the fifth level - which is called "the power structure" or in colours the "orange level" - it is about economics, profitability and autonomy. We have landed in the middle of capitalism and for the pure capitalist only the result, the profit, the success counts. Penalties for breaking the law are already factored into the calculation. The goal is the accumulation of money. The drive is competition. Winners and losers are produced.

Red was the arbitrary decision based on the pleasure principle. Orange is the decision based on rational reasons. Its principle is cause and effect. What cannot be proven scientifically does not exist.

Core concepts / values: Competition, growth, freedom, success, productivity, rationality, waste, exploitation, observation, logical thinking, free market economy, capitalism, reason, scientific truth, expertise, vision

Character: initiative, profit-seeking, political, risk-taking, economic, systematic, pro-active, cold, calculating, wasteful

Occurrence: Grading system in our schools, Wall Street, materialism, market economy, cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical industry, trading companies, fashion industry, etc.

Dominant themes: What is my profit, my benefit? How does it enrich me? What is the "know how"? What is the goal? How can I optimize myself, try new things, become better and more successful (than the others)?

All Graves levels at a glance

Orange in Business

In business under Orange, everything revolves around strategy and achieving goals. Here, leadership becomes management. Faster, higher, further, at better conditions for more profit. Investments are made in marketing and PR. The goal is to build a brand. The rigid controls from Blue are loosened and replaced by more strategic instruments.

Instruments: Financial reward systems, MBO, budget, balanced scorecards, talent programs, milestones, outsourcing, restructuring, strategic alliances, controlling, lean, CIP, strategic process management.

Orange in transition to Green

When Orange has integrated Blue, it is healthy. In Orange, entrepreneurship flourishes. If not, it gets out of hand until it eats itself. The result is collapses of people (burnout, rampages) and systems (stock market, subprime crisis, global warming). The answer is Green.

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